A Westmorland and Furness Council Project

Healthy Homes

Having healthy and safe rented homes is crucial. It ensures that people in our area stay safe and well.

But when these homes have issues, or fall into disrepair, they have a huge impact on people involved. This adds more pressure on health services and finances.

Problems can be difficult to spot. It’s not always clear who is responsible for repair, either. The longer these issues go on, the more expensive they are to fix.

You may not know what your rights are. Or what you’re legally obliged to do, no matter if you’re a landlord, a tenant, or a property manager.

Without the knowledge, nothing will change. Properties that could be future-proof will end up in disrepair. This causes health, wellbeing, and money worries for all involved as the situation deteriorates.

This is where the Healthy Homes Project comes in.

Tenant family smiling for the camera outside their home
Map of Eden district area, highlighting target wards, Crosby Ravensworth, Hartside, Skelton, Orton with Tebay, Ullswater, and Ravenstonedale in teal

The Healthy Homes pilot is a targeted project focusing on six legacy Eden wards: 

  • Crosby Ravensworth
  • Hartside 
  • Skelton 
  • Orton with Tebay 
  • Ravenstonedale  
  • Ullswater

Outside these wards, help and advice is available, and we will also point you towards any other council services you might need.

The project will help to improve privately rented homes, so everyone has a safe and healthy home. 

To remove barriers preventing regeneration, and focus on improving homes that are in a state of disrepair.

The research gained will help shape future legislation within the sector, and may expand across Westmorland and Furness. 

About The Healthy Homes Project

Your Guide To HHSRS

The Housing, Health and Safety Rating System, or HHSRS for short, is the legal system for rating how healthy and safe houses are.

Environmental Health Officers use HHSRS in housing inspections to gauge the condition of a property, any hazards, and how risks impact health and wellbeing to occupiers and visitors.

Hands testing a smoke alarm battery